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Jack 6 Computer Bridge Software
Available in Australia from EBA for $90.00 (postage included). For overseas buyers, add postage of AU$10.

Jack is a computer bridge program developed by bridge players for bridge players. One of the developers is former world champion Berry Westra (Bermuda Bowl, Chile 1993). Jack uses state of the art computer algorithms. Jack's possibilities exceed those of all other bridge playing programs. Besides its exceptional bidding and playing strength, Jack offers a very user friendly interface with many interesting features.

Jack is the reigning six times World Champion Computer Bridge of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2015. Bridge players from all over the world welcomed it's exceptional bidding and playing strength. Praised for it's user friendliness and extensive possibilities.Here is a list of the most significant ways in which Jack 5.0 has improved upon Jack 4.01.

Many extra's

  • Jack contains the fastest double dummy solver in the world. Jack will instantly show you how many tricks can be made with each card.
  • Jack is completely multi-lingual, you can dynamically switch between English, Dutch, French, German and Polish. Within any of the supported languages you can also use the English, Dutch, French or German playing cards. If your language is not supported yet, we offer the possibility to translate the user interface.
  • Play with up to four people in a network at home or over the internet.
  • Several scoring methods are supported.
  • Printing. Deals can be printed directly to the printer or exported to HTML files. You can specify in detail what to print (diagram, auction, play, footnotes, alerts, annotations)
  • Fun and games. A completely new and interactive environment. You will find interesting and amusing facts, teaching material and puzzles like Double Dummy problems. A lot of content available already.
  • Search for updates. From inside Jack you can search for updates and install them directly. No need for visiting the website and look whether there is new material.

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