The HandyDup® is a Duplimate® without motor.

That is to say, your fingers have to do the work that the motor does in a Dupli-mate®. This slows down the process, of course, but a HandyDup® costs only 1/10th of a Duplimate® .

The HandyDup® is good for:
  • Clubs and teachers who cannot afford a Duplimate
  • Teams (playing hand dealt boards) that want to read the deals into the PC for post mortem analyzes/re-play.
  • At home for playing/re-playing tournament deals.

The HandyDup® comes with the same comprehensive software package for dealing, analyzing, printing, etc, as the Duplimate® .

See the HandyDup® in action, and download the software, at www.handydup.com.

HandyDup® is a trade mark registered by Jannersten Forlag AB, one of the oldest (founded in 1939), and largest, makers of bridge supplies.

For further information and ordering contact us here.
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