Playing Cards

The Autodealer dealing machines (up to version 3) can deal cards of two types:

- Bar-coded Cards, and
- Ordinary Cards

The bar coded cards have a special pattern of small black and white strips on the top and bottom of the face of the card similar to what you see on goods you buy in the supermarket (and are scanned in a similar way by the Autodealer 3).

The cards are either all plastic, or plastic coated cardboard (the latter cards are cheaper, but do not last as long).

The ordinary cards are NOT bar coded, and the optical version of the Autodealer can successfully dealt cards manufactured by, or for, the ACBL, JCBL, Kem, Baron Barclay, Fournier, Piatnik, Queens Slipper, etc.

Electronic Bridge Accessories can supply cards in any quantity. Prices are as follows:

Plastic coated with bar codes at $AUD3.50 per pack. Discount for large orders.

All plastic with bar codes at $AUD4.50 per pack.

All plastic ordinary cards (no bar codes) at $AUD4.00 per pack.

Prices do not include freight, sales tax or other taxes.

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