Bridge Scorer

Bridge Scorer

Bridge Scorer is a bridge scoring system that uses modern technology for electronic, wireless scoring of all kinds of bridge tournaments.

The system is based on the same philosophy as the easy to use, do it yourself terminals that you find in airports, railway stations, etc. A simple instruction, a few large buttons, makes it easy to do right and difficult to go wrong.

Our Bridge Scorers are used in all corners of the world; some comments:

I have used BridgeMate Pro, BridgeMate II, BridgePad, BridgeScorer and Martin Willcox's tabletop device. The BridgeScorer stands apart from the others, in that it is an intuitive device (apart from being touch screen), where you can go forward one step, or backward one step. This greatly reduces the number of errors the players can make. I recommended the BridgeScorers to my club, Brisbane Water Bridge Club Inc. // Louis Koolen (Australia).

I used everything for real on Wednesday for a small event. Everyone was very impressed, really easy to use, nobody had any issues even though I deliberately gave very rudimentary instructions so I could see what might be needed. This just shows how well they have been designed and thought out. // Richard JN Brewer (Malaysia)

Much better for clubs than the rivals. // Nick Cook (UK)

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