Bridge Accessories

We also sell a range of conventional, but stylish, bridge accessories. These are:

Guide Cards
Laminated with rugged, clear plastic for long life, these guide cards are available for any number of tables. Howell Movements are our speciality. The cost is modest - $AUD5.00 per table card in a variety of colours. A5 size (8" by 6" approx.)

Score Cards
Bridge score cards allow you to easily keep track of your games. More information.

Electronic Bridge Timers (three types)
Versatile, with large display, adjustable sound level, and a variety of timing functions, these timers are moderately priced and suitable for large bridge events or small clubrooms. The cost for the timers varies from $200 for the Club Timer, to $429 for the Better Bridge Timer, to $595 for the Intempo 2 timer (the most sophisticated timer of them all). Postage is extra, and all come with easy to read User Manuals. More information

Bidding Boxes
Easily track bids in-game. More information.

Bridge Wallets
Wallets that allow the quick storage of your current bridge hands. More information.

ABF System Cards
More information.

Acceptance Mark
For further details and ordering please email.
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