Product Range

Please note: due to the passing of Dennis Yovich, there will be a delay in processing any orders. Please bear with us.

The Duplimate, manufactured by Jannersten of Sweden, is now available from Electronic Bridge Accessories for Australian customers.

Go to to see the various models available. Second hand Duplimates also available, with prices starting from AU$600 with 6 months warranty.

Also available are second hand Autodealer 3 models from $500 plus 6 months warranty.

Handy Dup is now available. This allows smaller clubs who can't afford a Duplimate to prepare hands for their club sessions.

Bridge Scorer is a simple and reliable table scoring system for your club sessions. Please call for pricing.

Quality Boards suitable for general use as well as for dealing directly by the dealing machines automatically.

High quality plastic and plastic coated cards, including bar coded cards suitable for use with the Autodealer card dealing machine.

Guide Cards
Score Cards
Electronic Bridge Timers
Bridge Tables
Bidding Boxes (Left handed bidding cards now available)
Bridge Wallets
ABF System Cards

Handheld bridge games.
Bridge Mate 277

Computer bridge games.
Jack 6
Bridge Baron 26

Useful software, instruction manuals, dealing machine software and manuals, etc.

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