About EBA

Electronic Bridge Accessories was formed in December 1994 by Dennis Yovich and Martin Willcox to market a range of innovative electronic and other accessories for duplicate bridge players, bridge clubs and National Bridge Organisations.

During 1995, the main Company product, the Autodealer 3 was sold to clubs and State Bridge Associations throughout Australia. All State, and all National Championships since 1991 have used random, computer generated, machine dealt hands. The Company expanded its market to New Zealand and Japan during 1996, and further expanded its market into South East Asia, Europe, South Africa and USA since then. We also delivered a new version, the Autodealer 3, to clients in 1996. This machine featured better software, smaller footprint, and improved reliability.

In 2002, a new version of the dealer that did not require bar coded cards was developed and has been refined further in 2003. With this machine, there is no need to sort the cards in any order, as it will read randomly shuffled decks by optically recognising the suit symbol and rank for each card that the camera lens sees. Almost all cards are easily recognised, including those manufactured by the ACBL, KEM, Piatnik, Baron Barclay, JCBL, Queens Slipper, Fournier, Protea and others.

In late 2003, Martin Willcox left the company to pursue other interests and it is now owned by Dennis Yovich, who will expand EBA's market and product range.

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